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Mystery Shop at a Grocery Store

Of all of the different mystery shops that I have ever done, I think that I enjoy the grocery stores the best. This is not only because they are easy to do, in my opinion, they are also very functional in that they give you some spending money and some groceries. For the most part, I end up spending all of the money that I earn on groceries at the same time, but a simple half hour shop will easily feed me for a couple of days.

The first thing that you would do on a grocery store mystery shop is to check out the customer service. You might have to do this in a number of different ways, depending on what the store requires. Typically, you would walk up to the customer service counter and see how long it takes them to wait on you. You might also need to count the number of people working in the customer service area as well as getting names of people that help you. Typically, you would ask a question to the person that waited on you that was predetermined by the store. I have asked things like "Do you cash payroll checks?" and "Do you make money orders?". The person behind the counter is typically not graded on their response, it is just something that makes your standing at the customer service counter seem normal.

The next thing that you would do is to check out various parts of the store, such as the bakery, produce and seafood department. Each of those departments would have 5 minutes to ask if they could help you and then you would have to ask a question. They would be evaluated on their knowledge as well as the amount of time it took them to wait on you. You might also be asked to purchase something from one of these departments in order to give further evaluation, so it helps to have what you need to purchase in your mind in advance.

Grocery store mystery shops tend to take a little while, but the compensation is pretty good. You would typically end up with about $20 combined between food compensation and pay. One of the secrets that I have used with a lot of success is for 2 of you to go in at the same time. You can easily finish a grocery shop in about 15 minutes or less if you double up on your efforts. Not only that, but if both you and your partner are members of the same mystery shopping network, you could end up with more jobs as you would not have to wait for 30-45 days to expire before taking the same job.

Grocery store mystery shopping is a great way to spend a few minutes doing something that you need to do anyway and getting compensated for it. I'm sure that you will find that these shops are both fun and profitable, once you get the hang of them. You will be certain to look for them to come up on the board and grab them right away.



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